5 Common Moving Myths Debunked

5 Common Moving Myths Debunked

From the steps leading up to moving day to everything needed in order to move and get settled into your new home, there are several things involved in the entire moving process. Fortunately, professional moving companies can help ensure a successful move for you and your loved ones. With that, there are also many misconceptions associated with moving and hiring professional movers. So, follow along with this month’s blog to learn about 5 common moving myths debunked!

1) All Moving Companies are the Same

Many people tend to think that all moving companies are the same. However, that is not the case! Moving companies vary in several aspects, including:

So, be sure to do your research and evaluate the different options available to you. You don’t want to hire local movers for a move across the country; you want to hire movers who are experienced with your type of relocation. Typically, the more experience a moving company has, the better its services will be. Pay close attention to Google Reviews and client testimonials as they are very telling in terms of client satisfaction and moving success.

2) Weekends are the Best Time to Move

Weekends are thought to be the best time to move as people believe that starting their move on a Friday or Saturday will give them the rest of the weekend to unpack and get settled into their new home. As convenient as this may sound, the setback occurs when multiple homeowners are interested in booking their move on the same weekend with the same moving company. As moving companies are the busiest on weekends, weekday moves are a great option. Booking your move during the week will not only allow for more availability but will also allow the moving company to give more time and attention to your move. They won’t be juggling multiple moves throughout the day and will be able to provide you with the best care for your belongings, along with the greatest services for your move.

3) You Can Use Any Materials for Packing

You want your belongings to stay safe and protected throughout the entire packing, transporting, and unloading process, and the best way to do so is to ensure you use the proper materials to pack and safeguard your belongings. For instance, duct tape or masking tape cannot compare to packing tape. Packing tape is specially designed to be flexible, work well with cardboard, and keep together under pressure. It works wonders in holding boxes together and doesn’t leave a film of stickiness on furniture. Similarly, moving boxes are the best option when it comes to packing and storing your belongings. Moving boxes are not only much sturdier and more protective than normal cardboard boxes, but they also come in multiple shapes and sizes for your various household items. Smaller square boxes can be used for books and toys, large wardrobe boxes for hanging clothing, and specialized boxes to fit and safeguard your TVs and mirrors. Lastly, in terms of wrapping your belongings, packing paper is the way to go. It is much thicker than newspaper, adds an extra layer of protection, and also comes without print. You don’t want your nice dishes to accidentally fall and break due to a lack of protection or to become stained with dark ink marks due to newspaper print. By using materials that are specially designed for packing and moving, you’ll rest assured knowing that your belongings will be more secure throughout your move.

4) Be Prepared for Breaks and Misplacements

Here at Deluxe Moving, we have nearly 20 years of moving experience and have yet to make a single damage claim! When it comes to moving with our team, you can trust that we will provide quality and effective services that will keep all of your belongings safe and in one piece.

With that, we understand the worry that some people may have when hiring a professional moving company. You don’t want your items to break or go missing! However, it is not standard practice for movers to lose or damage items during a move. Moving companies should have a certified process that handles your belongings with care, as well as company coverage that will provide you with adequate protection and peace of mind. Additionally, if you’re packing your belongings yourself, make sure to label all fragile items so the movers know to take extra precautions when handling those particular items and boxes. Rest assured, when hiring a professional moving company, breaks and misplacements should not occur. Just make sure to do your research and find the right company for your needs.

5) Moving is Stressful

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Many people believe that moving and transitioning into a new home is always a chaotic and overwhelming process, however, with careful planning and organization, it can actually be a great experience. Better yet, hiring a professional moving company to do all of your packing, moving, and unpacking will not only take the stress and heavy lifting off your shoulders, but will also allow you more time to focus on the fun side of moving. All you’ll need to do is direct your moving crew and let them know what you need!

With many misconceptions out there concerning moving and hiring professional movers, we hope this blog provided you with tips and insight on how to make your moving experience a positive and memorable one. Looking for a reliable moving company for your upcoming move? Deluxe Moving can guarantee a successful move for you and your loved ones. We offer Full Packing and Moving services that can take care of your entire move for you. Head to our services page for more information about our services or contact our team to get started on a successful and stress-free move. We look forward to working with you!

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