Office Relocation – Planning and Timeline

Office Relocation – Planning and Timeline

Is your business expanding? If so, you’ll likely be planning an office relocation to accommodate your growing business. Studies show that, after hiring new staff, an office relocation is the second most stressful task for small business owners. But that shouldn’t be the case! Moving into a new office should be an exciting step toward growing your business. So, this month’s blog will dive into planning and timelines for relocating your business!

1) Hire a Professional Moving Company

An office relocation is a large task to take on, and one of our biggest tips for ensuring a successful relocation is to hire a professional moving company to help move and transport all of the furniture, equipment, and items from the old office to the new office space. Professional moving companies not only have experience with disassembling, transporting, and reassembling large and heavy office equipment and furniture, but will also get the job done much more efficiently than if your team were to do it on your own. Similar to the Deluxe Moving Cambridge and Kitchener Moving company, many companies also offer full-service packing and unpacking, so it’s important to decide whether you would like the movers to assist you solely on moving day or throughout the entire moving process. There are several moving companies out there, so make sure to do your research and find a company that caters to your specific relocation. As office moving services differ from residential moving services, you’ll want to hire a company that is specifically experienced with office moves. Rest assured, hiring a professional moving company is the first step in gaining peace of mind for your office relocation.

2) Plan Your Office Relocation Early

Moving into a new office can be just as demanding as moving into a new home. It requires detailed planning and preparation with limited time to get it all done. The key to ensuring a smooth and stress-free office relocation is to start planning early. First, determine a budget and timeline, after which, you can develop a clear plan. Having a budget assigned for the relocation process will play a major role in identifying costs when it comes to hiring a professional moving company and making informed spending decisions. Additionally, as part of the planning process, make sure to evaluate all of the items and belongings within the office and determine what will and will not be coming with you. From office equipment and furniture to business inventory and supplies, it’s important to keep track of what will be moved into the new office and what will be staying or given away. With that, to help with moving into the new office space, you’ll want to have a strategy for where the items will go when you arrive at the new office, especially when it comes to large and important items such as desks, printers, and furniture. We recommend using a blueprint to set the layout of the workspaces and shared areas, along with the placement of the large equipment and furniture. Knowing where these pieces will go before moving into the new office will ensure an effective move-in strategy when it comes to organizing and arranging all of the office belongings.

3) Establish a Timeline

When it comes to creating a timeline, you’ll first need to determine a moving date to transport the items from the old office to the new one. Depending on the size of the move, the movers will likely be able to handle the entire move within a day or two. Once you have set the moving date, you can then establish a timeline for the relocation process. Below is a recommended timeline to help you and your team stay organized and on track with your office relocation process.

6 Months Before the Move

  • Review Your Current Lease
  • Designate an In-Office Moving Team
  • Decide on a Budget
  • Start Researching Moving Companies
  • Start a To-Do List
  • Announce the Move to Your Employees and Seek Feedback
  • Make an Inventory of Your Office Equipment, Furniture, and Supplies

3-4 Months Before the Move

  • Lock In the Moving Date
  • Solidify Your Moving Plan / Timeline
  • Share the Moving Date with Your Employees
  • Set Deadlines for Your Employees
  • Start Gathering Moving Supplies

2 Months Before the Move

  • Plan the Layout for the New Office Space
  • Schedule Transfer and Set Up Services for Utilities and Technology
  • Purchase Furniture and Storage If Needed
  • Begin Packing the Non-Essentials

1 Month Before the Move

  • Finalize Plans with the Moving Company – Coordinate Moving Truck Departure and Arrival
  • Finalize Plans with Your Office Moving Team
  • Order Keys and Access Cards for the New Office
  • Assign Your Employees the Task of Packing Up Their Own Desks

1 Week Before the Move

  • Update Your Address
  • Review Your Moving Day Schedule with Your Office Moving Team
  • Remind Employees to Finish Packing
  • Organize Your IT Equipment

The Day Before the Move

  • Whether Done Internally or By Professional Movers, Make Sure Packing and Labelling Is Complete
  • Collect Employee Keys and Access Cards

Moving Day

  • Meet the Movers at the Old Office
  • Do a Final Walk-Through of the Old Office
  • Meet the Movers at the New Office
  • Have Your Office Moving Team Ready to Help Organize and Arrange the Office Belongings
  • Enjoy Settling Into Your New Office!

4) Provide Support To Your Employees

To help reduce the stress that often comes with an office relocation, make sure your team is continuously updated and involved in the moving plans and timeline. You can designate an in-office moving team to help with planning, packing, unpacking, and organizing, and include anyone who would like to be involved as a part of the team. You should also have either the office moving team or the department managers check in with employees to determine their needs. Being proactive in supporting your team will go a long way in terms of reducing any stress and anxiety that your employees may have. For instance, employees who have families may have different questions or concerns than those who are single or near retirement. So, make sure to give each employee the time and attention they need to ensure a successful move.

5) Deluxe Moving – Office Relocation Services

For those located in the Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Guelph, Brantford, and surrounding areas, Deluxe Moving offers full moving services, including packing, moving, and unpacking services. As a Cambridge and Kitchener Moving company with over 15 years of moving experience, we have expertise in moving within the tri-cities, and we can ensure a stress-free and successful office relocation for you and your team. We pride ourselves on being a moving company that is there every step of the way, and our team will always accommodate your individual needs.

Congratulations on expanding your business! We hope this blog provided you with valuable planning and timeline tips for relocating your business. If you’re looking for moving services to support your office relocation, Deluxe Moving Cambridge and Kitchener moving company, can guarantee a successful move for you and your team. We offer Full Packing, Unpacking, and Moving services that can take care of the entire move for you. Head to our services page for more information about our services or contact our team to get started on a successful and stress-free move. We look forward to working with you!

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