Next Time Around on The Benefits of Consigning Unwanted Furniture Before a Move

Next Time Around on The Benefits of Consigning Unwanted Furniture Before a Move

Getting ready to plan your next move? If selling off unwanted furniture is on your to-do list, we highly recommend you continue reading below for a special blog post provided by our friends, Next Time Around. Next Time Around specializes in the consignment of high-quality, gently-used furniture and décor and proudly serves Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and their surrounding areas. If you’re looking to purchase second-hand furniture or looking for somewhere to consign your unwanted furniture, we strongly recommend you check them out.

Next Time Around on the benefits of Consigning Unwanted Furniture Before a Move

Whether you’re preparing for a move or simply looking to clear up some space in your home, selling unwanted furniture is a great way to free up that much-needed space and make a little extra money at the same time. But while classified services like Kijiji may be free and convenient, they may not be the best option. As the largest furniture and décor consignment store in the tri-cities, we firmly believe that consignment is the best option for selling previously loved pieces, especially if you plan on moving in the near future.

Continue reading below for a list of reasons why we feel furniture consignment is a better option for families planning to move who need to purge some pieces.

Why You Should Consider Consigning Your Furniture Before Moving

For families planning to move, furniture consignment is the absolute best option for selling unwanted furniture. Sure, classifieds are cheaper, but consignment makes up for the small hit to your profit margin by providing benefits that go beyond your bottom-line.

1. Less Stress

Planning a move is a stressful time for any family, you’re balancing work as well as a million other things on your to-do list as you get ready to pack up your life. So why add to that stress by listing your unwanted furniture on a classifieds website and having to answer endless emails and questions? Consign it! By consigning your unwanted furniture, you eliminate all the stress associated with selling. You not only eliminate the endless phone calls, emails and questions, but you also don’t have to worry about being available for pickup or about inviting a total stranger into your home. We handle the sale of your unwanted furniture from start to finish, and you’ll only hear from us once your piece has sold. Not to mention, buyers come to our store and ask us the questions rather than your home.

2. Less Mess

As your moving date approaches, your house will start to become filled to the brim with boxes, and space will become a hot commodity. Gee, sure wish that china cabinet you’re trying to sell was out of the house right about now, don’t you? By choosing to consign your unwanted furniture you can get it out of your house the day you decide you no longer want it. This opens up space in your house, but also leaves one less thing to worry about come moving day. This way, they don’t take away valuable truck space, and you or your movers don’t have to worry about lugging it into your new home just for it to come back out.

3. No Deadline

As with all moves, you’re given a day when you must be completely moved out of your house. And sure, this is no problem typically, but when you’re trying to sell unwanted furniture, it can put a major time crunch on things. And more often than not, we find many sellers who choose to use classified sites end up taking much less for their piece or worse, garbaging it. All to save the hassle of having to move it to their new home. This is where consignment comes in handy, by removing your piece from your home from the start, you’re no longer at the mercy of your deadline. Your piece is safe and sound in our store where it is being viewed by thousands of people. Simple as that.

As you can see, consignment is the best solution for moving families who are looking to get rid of unwanted furniture. Each seller’s experience may vary, and you may experience other benefits too, but these three are the ones we find more often than not, families experience.

Now that you know why you should consider consigning your furniture, it’s time to learn a little bit more about the entire process so that you can feel comfortable and confident should you choose to consign your furniture.

The Consignment Process

1. Determine If Your Piece is Right for Consignment

First things first determine whether or not your piece of furniture is right for consignment. This means ensuring it’s high-quality, stain-free, clean, in solid structural condition and fully intact, among many other things.

2. Getting in Touch with a Reputable Consignment Store

Once you’ve determined that your piece of furniture is right for consignment, the next step is to contact your preferred consignment store. This is so that we can double check that your piece of furniture is right for our store’s floor before you lug it all the way here. We ask that you include as much information about your piece as possible (where it was purchased, how much you paid for it, dimensions, condition, etc.) as well as pictures of it so that we can get the best look at it possible. Once you’ve been given the ok from our staff, we’ll ask you to bring in your piece so that we can get it on our floor immediately.

If your piece is too large to transport yourself, let us know. Thanks to our friends, Deluxe Moving, we’re able to offer pick-up services for a small additional cost.

3. Consigning Your Piece

Once your piece has arrived at our store, we’ll work with you to determine a reasonable value as well as take you through the terms and conditions of consigning your furniture. We strive to make this process open and honest so that you leave feeling happy and confident. Once an agreement has been reached, we’ll add your piece to our store’s floor and start working to get it sold.

4. Wait

You’ve done what you needed to do, and now it’s time for you to leave the rest of the work up to us.

5. Earn

We automatically issue cheques on the 10th of the month following the month your item(s) sell. You can come in any time on or after that date to receive your earnings. It’s as simple as that.

What to do if Your Piece Doesn’t Sell

In some cases, a piece of furniture does not sell within the timeframe determined between you and our team. This leaves you with a few options to choose from when deciding where to go next. They are:

  • Adjust your price with the Last Chance Deal — Your first choice is to have us further reduce the selling price. Adding a Last Chance Deal Tag creates a sense of urgency for our buyers.
  • Put your item into our exclusive online auction — This too is a great option. In some cases, it comes down to the fact that the right person just simply hasn’t found your piece yet.
  • Take your piece back — While we strive to prove successful in selling every piece we bring in, some sellers may choose to take their piece back.

The Benefits of Consigning Your Furniture

As we mentioned above, we’re firm believers in the benefits of furniture consignment for families planning to move. But even if you’re not planning to move anytime soon, consignment also offers many other advantages to people simply looking to free up space in their home.

1. Larger Exposure

Our social communities and in-store shoppers are filled with furniture and décor collectors. Not to mention our Facebook community alone tallies over 22,000 people. So rather than hoping you’ve used the right keywords to have your ad show, you can rest easy knowing tens of thousands of serious buyers will see your piece.

2. Less Work for You

After dropping your piece off at our store, your work is done— no need to answer a million and one emails asking if your piece is still available. You deal strictly with us and simply wait until we contact you to let you know your piece has sold.

3. Sales remain Private

One of the most significant drawbacks of classifieds is the fact that you’re inviting a total stranger into your home. But by consigning your furniture, you keep your home private and guarantee your safety, buyers visit our store where we do all the work for you.

4. Increased Profit

Think back to the last time you sold something using the classifieds. Did the buyer try and negotiate the price before even seeing your piece? Did they show up and haggle with you for half an hour? Did you truly get what you wanted for your piece? Chances are your answer is no. But fear not. By consigning your furniture, you place your piece in the hands of a store dedicated to high-quality furniture. This not only means we stay firm on the price but also that the majority of buyers who see your piece will appreciate its worth and know the true value of it.

As you can see consignment has an endless number of benefits for everyday sellers, but even more for those families planning on moving. If you have any questions regarding anything discussed above, you can reach out to us by phone, email or social media.

We’re proud to be the official pick-up and delivery service providers for Next Time Around. We want to thank them for providing this month’s blog post and for sharing their extensive knowledge of furniture consignment. If you’re interested in having our team transport your piece to Next Time Around, we recommend contacting them to discuss details. And if you have any questions regarding your next move, we encourage you to reach out to us, and we would be more than happy to help.

Happy Moving!

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