With only a few weeks left in 2018, we can hardly believe that another year has come and gone. And as we sit and wonder about where the time went, we caught ourselves reflecting on all the ups of the past year. We feel incredibly fortunate to have helped so many families move both locally and nationally.

So as 2019 fast approaches, we thought we’d give you, our readers, a chance to reflect on all of our blog posts from the past 12 months. Continue reading below for a recap of each blog post along with a link to the original post if you’d like to read the full thing.

January 2018

The Top 10 Moving Tips For Your Next Move

Business moves can be a logistical nightmare for companies both big and small. February’s blog post aimed to make it a little less stressful by providing readers with some tips for business moves. 

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February 2018

Planning For A Business Move: Moving Tips

Business moves can be a logistical nightmare for companies both big and small. February’s blog post aimed to make it a little less stressful by providing readers with some tips for business moves. 

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March 2018

What To Do In The 30 Days Before Moving

After securing a mover, many families like to think the hard part is done. But as March’s blog post will show you, your preparation is only just beginning and the 30 days leading up to your move are the most important.

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April 2018

Spring Cleaning: Moving Edition

Whether you enjoy spring cleaning or not, if your move falls right around this time of year, then you may want to approach things a little differently. April’s blog post provided readers with some helpful tips for tailoring their spring cleaning towards moving.

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May 2018

Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Short, local moves are one thing, but having to move cross-country is a whole other logistical beast of its own. In May’s blog post we discussed some helpful tips for preparing to move cross-country— many of which, only apply to long-distance moves.  

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June 2018

Top Tips for Summer Moving

By June, the warm weather had hit and that meant moving was a little bit trickier thanks to the heat, humidity, sunshine and many other things. For June, we provided readers with a list of tips and tricks they can use to ensure their summer move goes smoothly and that everyone involved stays safe.

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July 2018

Paper or Plastic?

We strive to respect the environment as much as possible. And as one of the top movers in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, we took it upon ourselves to educate our readers on the benefits of using plastic bins when moving rather than cardboard boxes. Spoiler Alert: Not all the benefits are eco-focused.

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August 2018

8 Tips for Moving Your Corporate Office

As we mentioned earlier, corporate moves can be much more difficult than regular moves. And for this reason, we felt the need to create another blog post dedicated to the topic. Inside August’s blog post, you’ll find some repeated tips that we felt were most important as well as many new tips for easing the process of moving offices.

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September 2018

The True Cost of Moving

Typically, the most expensive part of moving is your house, but for people who don’t do their research, their chosen mover can also be a costly part of the move. But they don’t have to be. As a moving company dedicated to providing every family with an upfront and honest quote, September’s blog post is committed to providing readers with everything they need to know about the cost of moving— whether they choose to work with another mover or us.

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October 2018

Top Tips for Winter Moving

As a lead up to the wintery weather, October’s blog post was focused on tips for winter moving. Covering everything from ways to protect the interior of your home from wet boots to making the exterior of your home as safe as possible, our goal with this blog post was to make winter moving as enjoyable as possible.

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November 2018

The Benefits of Consigning Unwanted Furniture Before a Move

Last month, we mixed things up a bit—teaming up with our friends, Next Time Around. They created a blog post dedicated to the benefits of furniture consignment for families planning a move. And as you may have guessed, this blog post can be found on next Time Around’s website.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this year’s blog articles as much as we have enjoyed writing them for you. Stay tuned for new blog posts monthly in 2019 and don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more moving-related tips, memes and fun.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!