The True Cost of Moving

The True Cost of Moving

Moving can be a stressful time on a family. With so much to do and so little time, the last thing you need is confusion and stress caused by your movers. But for most families, that’s exactly what ends up happening. They choose a mover based solely on their first Google search and then get faced with what seems like a million and one different charges.

But don’t worry, we at Deluxe Moving are different— and this blog post is going to show you exactly that. Throughout this blog, we’ll tell you about the various charges a moving company may charge you and then show you how we’ve simplified our costs to make your moving process a little less stressful.

The Other Guys

Taking a look at our competitors, we often hear about hidden fees and other charges that seem to make zero sense. Many moving companies will charge you for things like “setup” fees, additional long-distance charges, additional movers and much more, on top of the hourly rate they’re already charging you. And while their hourly rate may seem much lower than others, they do this to secure your move and then, once it’s too late, share the rest of these costs with you. Normally, resulting in a final price much higher than expected.

Deluxe Moving

If what you just read feels extremely off-putting, that’s because it is. Even as movers ourselves, we often hear of horror stories where other moving companies have charged families outrageous fees after the fact. But fear not. Over the years, we’ve refined our pricing structure to remove as much stress as possible from the moving process— giving you one less thing to worry about in the scheme of things.

Our pricing structure revolves around two things: the number of hours your move takes and the number of movers needed.

Hours Required

Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street, your final cost will solely depend on the number of hours it takes. Obviously, moving cross country will require more hours so your end cost will be higher than that of a local move, but there’s no cost per kilometre travelled, accommodation charges or anything else that may take you by surprise. If your move requires 5 hours, you’re charged for 5 hours. And the same goes for a 14-hour move.

Number of Mover Required

The second variable in our pricing structure is the number of movers your move requires. We offer you the choice between two or three movers and the hourly rate depends on your choice. Now, two or three movers may seem low, but again, we do this on purpose. Over the years, we’ve found that a maximum of three movers is typically all that’s needed and any company that recommends more may merely be trying to raise your total cost.

We know that not everyone will choose Deluxe Moving for their move, and to be honest, that’s ok. We put this article together to educate families preparing for a move so that they are better equipped to ask their chosen movers the questions that matter most.

For families who do wish to work with us for their next move, you can reach us by email or telephone, or if you’d like to get the process rolling right away, we suggest filling out our quote request form on the homepage. This will give us all the information we need to get in touch with you and provide you with a 100% honest quote.

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