Home Organization Resolutions for 2019

Home Organization Resolutions for 2019

A move is only as organized as the home it’s coming out of. And as a Cambridge moving company, we’ve seen it all when it comes to disorganized homes. From messy garages and overflowing junk drawers to crazy closets and bad basements— you name it, we’ve seen it. And as everyone sets out to achieve new personal resolutions, we thought we’d suggest a few home organization resolutions that you can also implement to help straighten up your home. So regardless of if you plan to move in the near future or not, continue reading below for a handful of home organization resolutions you can use to help restore order in your home.

Start a System for Loose Papers

Moving to the home office, it’s time to address the mountain of loose papers that seem to have hidden your desk. We suggest starting a filing system of some sort for all your documents so that bills, forms and other papers are easy to locate later on, but also so that they can be packed up easily in the future should you be planning on moving. And once you’ve decided on your system, don’t forget to leave a few empty bins, trays or folders empty for new categories of papers that you might get in the future.

Tackle the Junk Drawer

Ah, the pantry, everyone’s favourite place when looking for a quick bite to eat. But a disorganized pantry or cupboard is the furthest thing from quick and easy. We suggest starting by tossing out any expired food that may be lingering in your pantry or cupboard and then moving on to tidying things up and optimizing where everything goes. Do you let your kids grab snacks themselves? Then try placing their snacks in a spot that is accessible by them. Same goes for things that you use only once or twice a year. Try placing them on higher up shelves so that they are out of the way until they’re needed. And if you really want to organize your pantry or cupboard, try removing food items from their packaging and placing them in resealable containers that are stackable, easy to scan and of course, look a lot nicer. By the time you’re done, we’re sure you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy pantry. 

Untangle Electronic Cords

Now let’s head to the living room, entertainment room or basement, depending on where you keep your TV, video games, movies and other electronics. If you’re like us, then you’ve probably got a tangled mess of cords hiding behind your entertainment centre. Now is the time to tackle that mess. We suggest starting by unplugging everything and starting from scratch. Then one-by-one, run every cord neatly from point A to Point B, being sure not to tangle anything. And once you’re done, we highly recommend investing in some cord organizers (typically corrugated black tubing) to make sure everything stays put and you don’t end up with another mess in a couple of months. You can also try taping or using zip-ties to organize cords, though they aren’t as easy to undo if you need to move something. And for those of you feeling extra ambitious, might we suggest addressing that bin/box of random cords that everyone seems to have?

Contain Clutter

Last but not least, as you’ve got the organization ball rolling, we suggest addressing all the clutter in your home. That means going room by room and deciding what needs to be tossed out, donated or possibly consigned (more information on furniture consignment here) and what you’d like to keep. This will help ensure you’re not holding on to things that you never plan to use/wear again and will also be a largely beneficial step if you are planning on moving in the future. For tips on decluttering every room in your home, we recommend checking out the popular Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. We, along with almost everyone else it seems, have found the series quite interesting and informative.

We hope these five resolutions have given you some ideas of ways you can get your home back in order. These are just a few of the simplest ways we feel you can use to organize your home and we hope they inspire you to set home organization resolutions of your own— regardless of if you’re planning a move in the future or not.

As always, if you have any questions regarding anything above or would like to discuss an upcoming move of your own with us, we encourage you to reach out to us by phone, email or even on Facebook. We would be more than happy to help.

Happy 2019!

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