Why You Should Consider Moving in the Spring

Why You Should Consider Moving in the Spring

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner. Sure, it’s hiding behind all the snow, ice and frigid temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, but before we know it, the snow will be gone, and flowers will begin to blossom. And usually, spring means yard work, cleaning and enjoying the change in weather. The last thing you want to do when the weather is finally nice is to move, right? Well, we think you should reconsider for many reasons. Continue reading below for a list of reasons why spring could be the best time of the year to move.

Ideal Weather

Winter is notorious for freezing temperatures and snow, while summer we come to expect extreme humidity and heat. That leaves spring with the perfect compromise between the two. Not too hot, not too cold. Just the ideal temperature and weather for comfortably enjoying the outdoors, and you guessed it, moving. Sure, there’s more of a risk of rain than other seasons, but thanks to the next benefit below, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Less Demand for Professional Movers

It’s a commonly known fact that summer is peak moving season. This is when professional movers are most busy and have very little flexibility in their schedules. Spring, on the other hand, offers movers and families the most flexibility. Not only do you get to move in comfortable weather, but most of the time you’re able to secure your preferred moving day. And if rain is in the forecast for that day, there’s also a good chance you’ll be able to switch to another day that fits your schedule.

The Best Time to Sell Your House

This one is less about the moving benefit and more about the financial benefit. It’s no secret that the winter real estate market is slow. And while it might be a great time to buy, with less competing buyers, spring is the best time to sell your home. There’s guaranteed to be more buyers in the market, meaning you could receive multiple offers and maximize your return.

Saves Summer for Settling In

We’d go out on a limb and say that summer is most people’s favourite season. The warm weather, beaches, cold drinks and patios, what’s not to love, right? Nothing. But that’s precisely why we suggest getting your move out of the way in the spring. That way you and your family can use summer to settle in and enjoy your new home. Summer is the perfect time to explore your new neighbourhood, enjoy a new backyard pool or even complete some minor/major renovations if your new home requires any.

Yard Sale Season

And last but not least, spring is also the start of yard sale season. And whether you choose to have a yard sale as you pack up your home to move or have one once you’ve moved into your new home, a yard sale is a great way to declutter and make a few extra bucks at the same time. Sure, you can also do this in the summer, but spring is when most people are eager to get outdoors, and we find typically means more visitors to your garage sale.

And there you have it, five (quite strong) reasons why spring is the best time to move. If you’re sold on planning your move for the spring, then listen carefully to our last bit of advice: Don’t wait to book your mover. Even though we mentioned above that professional movers tend to have more flexibility in the spring, there’s still a chance that your moving day could be the same as someone else’s. This is why we suggest booking your mover as soon as you know your moving day. If you’d like to get started discussing your move or have any questions about anything we discussed above, we encourage you to reach out to us by phone, email or even on Facebook.

Happy moving!

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