Paper or Plastic?

Paper or Plastic?

Moving companies and the moving industry in general, are synonymous with cardboard boxes. Whether they’re new or recycled from previous purchases, stores or other sources, they are the go-to for the majority of moving families— they’re inexpensive, abundantly available, fairly easy to store and they get the job done. But, what if they’re not the best tool for the job?

Enter, plastic. Plastic bins are nothing new. You can find them in practically every big box store and they’re available in an array of colours, sizes and styles. Sure, they’re a bit pricier than the cardboard offerings, but plastic bins do offer a few advantages over their cheaper counterparts. Many of which, make them worth their steeper price tag.


Have you ever watched a child open a new toy on their birthday or at Christmas? Often, cardboard boxes suffer the same fate when moving. Family members are tired from a hard day of packing and unpacking and so when it comes time to empty boxes, it’s done in a fast and careless manner. Plastic bins, on the other hand, require no tape and are incredibly simple to open. This means every plastic bin you use to move can be used later to store seasonal items, family keepsakes, toys and anything else you may wish to tuck away. Choosing to use plastic bins is also an environmentally-friendly choice, reducing the number of cardboard boxes that end up in the trash.

Unmatched Strength

The strength of your box or bin may not seem all that important to you. After all, you’re only moving the box from the house to the truck and back into the house again, right? Sure, but during that hour or many hours your boxes spend on the truck are they able to stand up to the wear and tear? Boxes often get stacked four or five high which can place a lot of weight on that measly box on the bottom. And this can lead to crushed boxes or worse, broken belongings if that box isn’t able to stand up to the additional weight. Not a problem if it’s packed with pillows. A big problem if it’s packed with irreplaceable china. That being said, this problem is practically nonexistent with plastic bins. We say “practically” because plastic bins can still be broken under extreme weight— although it takes a lot more than it does to crush a cardboard box. Plastic containers are designed to offer more structural stability and can carry a lot more weight than a traditional cardboard box.

Immune to Bad Weather

You always hope for beautiful weather on the day of your move, but when the weather turns nasty, it can toss a wrench into moving plans. Not only does it mean dirty shoes coming in and out of your home, slippery floors and wet bodies and clothing, it also can wreak havoc on cardboard boxes too. For starters, just like how water weakens the paper towels in the tv commercials, rain can destroy cardboard boxes too. It can cause them to separate, weaken and significantly reduce the amount of weight they’re able to carry. This can mean having to buy additional boxes or broken belongings should the box decide to let go while you’re carrying it. And to top it all off, once a cardboard box gets wet, it stays wet for a long time. Meaning drenched belongings and the hassle of having to dry or throw things out.

Plastic bins, on the other hand, are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant (in most cases). Their lids typically seal out all water, dirt, snow and any other grime and because they’re made of plastic they’re not susceptible to deteriorating in the rain. So, no extra boxes needed, soaking wet belongings or the inconvenience of drying/throwing things out.

Those are just a few reasons why plastic bins trump cardboard boxes when it comes to moving. While there are undoubtedly many others, there are also many reasons why cardboard boxes may be better suited for your move too— including budget, the size of your move and how much storage space you have in your new home. Regardless of whether you choose paper or plastic, we encourage you to reach out to us by phone or email if you have any questions. We would be more than happy to help you choose the perfect plastic bin for your move or gather cardboard boxes and any other packing supplies you may need.

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