The Ultimate Guide to Packing Your Moving Day Survival Kit (2024 Update)

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Your Moving Day Survival Kit (2024 Update)

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. In the midst of the chaos of packing and coordinating logistics, ensuring you have immediate access to essential items upon arrival at your new place can make a world of difference.

One effective way to manage this is by packing an essentials box—a carefully curated selection of items that will keep you comfortable and prepared during the first few days of your move without having to scour through hundreds of your moving boxes.

What is an Essentials Box?

An essentials box is a strategically packed container filled with items you’ll need right away at your new home. It’s designed to make the transition smoother by ensuring you have easy access to necessities without having to rummage through numerous boxes. Here’s how to pack one effectively:

Packing Your Essentials Box

1. Identify Daily Must-Haves

    Start by gathering items you use on a daily basis or that are crucial for your well-being. These can include:

    • Medications: Ensure you have an ample supply packed securely, especially if you or your family members require daily prescriptions. Having quick and easy access to the medications you need will help with surprising medical emergencies.

    • Clothing: Pack a change of clothes for each family member. Include weather-appropriate attire, especially if moving to a different climate. We recommend packing clothing in a separate section of your essentials box to stay organized during the move.

    • Chargers: Don’t forget chargers for your electronics—phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Keep them easily accessible in your essentials box for use during the journey and upon arrival. We wouldn’t want you missing any important phone calls coming in.

    • Hygiene Items: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and any other personal hygiene essentials should be readily accessible. We suggest waterproof containers for these items to prevent spills during transport.

    • Important Documents: Birth certificates, passports, financial records, and moving-related paperwork should be kept in a secure, waterproof container. That extra care to safeguard your important documents during the move.

    2. Keep Valuables Close

    Certain items are irreplaceable or hold significant sentimental value. These should be kept close to you during the move rather than packed away in boxes. Examples include:

    • Wedding Rings: Jewelry and other valuables should be securely worn or placed in a small, secure bag. Additional insurance for high-value items may be needed.

    • Wallets and IDs: Keep your wallet or purse with identification, credit cards, and cash on hand. Like your important documents, we recommend having these essentials in a personal bag that stays with you throughout the move.

    If you find it difficult to keep track of the inventory in your essentials box, we’ve made things easier for you by creating a checklist for you to get started. Click HERE to download the Deluxe Moving Essentials Box Checklist.

    Tips for Moving Day

    1. Pack Strategically

      When preparing for moving day, consider what items you will need immediate access to and pack them accordingly:

      • First Aid Kit: Include basic medical supplies like bandages, pain relievers, and any necessary prescription medications. We emphasize the importance of having a well-stocked first aid kit accessible for unexpected needs during the move.

      • Basic Tools: A multi-tool or small set of tools can be handy for quick fixes or assembly tasks upon arrival. Follow along our blogs as we provide packing tips for tools and equipment to ensure they arrive safely and are easy to access.

      • Toiletries: Pack a small kit with toiletries like toilet paper, hand soap, and towels for immediate use. We suggest including travel-sized toiletries to conserve space in your essentials box and may be helpful for your future travels too.

      2. Label Clearly

      Clearly mark your essentials box and any bags or containers that contain items you’ll need right away. This ensures they are easily identifiable amidst the moving process. Have a read of our labelling and inventory article to help you pack and ensuring nothing gets misplaced or left behind.

      3. Plan for Meals

      Include a few non-perishable snacks or easy-to-prepare foods in your essentials box. Moving day can be hectic, and having something quick and nourishing on hand can make a big difference. Our Deluxe Moving Team can coordinate with your moving schedule to ensure you have access to kitchen essentials upon arrival.

      4. Coordinate with Movers

      Communicate with your movers about the essentials box and any specific instructions regarding its placement in your new home. This will help ensure it’s among the first items to be unloaded and accessible. In our Deluxe Moving Full-Service Package, we offer unpacking services where we can arrange furniture and boxes according to your preferences.

      5. Pack for Comfort

      Consider including comfort items like pillows, blankets, or a favourite book. Moving can be exhausting, and having familiar comforts nearby can help you settle into your new space more easily. Follow along our blogs where our Deluxe Moving experts provide packing tips for personal items to ensure they are protected during transport.

      Deluxe Moving as Your Moving Assistant

      Packing an essentials box is a practical way to minimize stress and ensure a smoother transition during your move. By carefully selecting and organizing items you’ll need immediately, you can focus on settling into your new home with ease. Remember, the key is thoughtful planning and preparation, so start early and pack smart!

      Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, an essentials box tailored to your needs will be your lifeline during those first crucial days. For professional moving assistance and to learn more about how Deluxe Moving Services can simplify your relocation, contact us today.

      You can give us a call at 519-212-3023, send us an inquiry through email at, or fill out the form to get a free quote.

      Meet the Deluxe Moving team: Rick, George and Lenny.

      We hope this blog helps you to assemble your very own essentials box or survival kit, so that you can keep all of your important items by your side throughout your move.

      Customize your kits to fit yours and your households’ needs. We recommend you keep a detailed, running list of what you want to add to your kit, so that you can keep track of all items to make it a seamless and stress-free move. Feel free to use our Essentials Box Checklist as your starting point.

      Need more moving tips, tricks and advice? Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our team any questions you may have about the moving process. 

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