Why Choose Deluxe Moving For Your Next Move?

Why Choose Deluxe Moving For Your Next Move?

Most people who are making their first major move aren’t aware of all of the planning and all of the details involved to ensure that the move will be painless, efficient, and keep all of your belongings safe and scratch-free. Today we will be talking about how moves become more complex as we age and upgrade living spaces, and what planning needs to be done to sort out the details for a stress-reduced and successful move.

For most, moving for the first time is generally easy. You throw anything valuable in a single box, throw your clothes in to one of those big black garbage bags, and say goodbye to your folks. Even the second and third moves can be relatively easy as you move from your first basement apartment in to something slightly brighter and larger. Parting with the free already used futon your uncle gave you and the early 2000s model TV isn’t all that tough. Your friend with a pick-up truck and family members do the rest for some pizza and beer. From there, though, your moves start becoming increasingly complex. You start actually investing in nice furniture and appliances that are worth transitioning to your next place. Eventually (even in this crazy real estate market), you buy a home or condo and begin the Great Accumulation of Nice Things.

Most of the time, somewhere between your 2nd or 3rd apartment, and first home, the prospect of moving all of your belongings yourself becomes an overwhelming task. Maybe it is just the dining room set your invested in that you no longer trust in the back of your friend’s pickup truck. Sometimes it comes down to the heaviest objects you’ve invested in such as reclining couches or appliances you wish to take with you. Perhaps it is the sheer volume of stuff you have and the endless back and forth that will involve. At some point, you will think to yourself “it is just not worth trying to get this done on my own.”

That’s where Deluxe Moving comes in. In a nutshell, our mission is to make your move a painless process. Our team has completed hundreds of complex moves, and we have just as many satisfied clients. We are self-owned and operated, and have relied primarily on our reputation for timeliness and care to grow our business in to what it is today.

Here are the full range of services we offer – let us worry about your stuff so you don’t have to!


Yes, we do that for you too. Our services include a full assessment of your belongings, and wrapping and packing your belongings to maximize safety and packing efficiency. At your option, we will even help you unpack as well! Regardless, your belongings will be well organized and labelled clearly.


As experienced movers, we sweat the details so that you don’t have to. From knowing when floor protection is required to navigating around corners, stairs and ceilings, to covering the right object surfaces to keep your belongings and wall surface safe, to safely moving the heaviest objects, knowing the right move for every moving situation is our business. Our moving services include both in-town and long distance moves – we will be wherever you need us.


Although we do not own any storage containers ourselves, Deluxe moving has partnered with Cambridge based Franklin Self Storage Store All to offer you all of the services of an established storage company through us. Whether you are looking for short or long term storage, or a mobile storage solution, you get the best of both worlds in receiving both storage, and moving/packing services from highly reputable sources.

Special Deliveries/Transportation Services:

Whether a wholesale move or a pool table or piano that you know you won’t be able to do yourself, we have you covered. We take care of your belongings not only at points A and B but between them as well. Your belongings will be stretch-wrapped with protective plastic, which not only prevents scratching but also potential damage associate with humidity as well. We will secure all heavy objects individually in our truck, to eliminate the friction against the truck wall or other objects.

To summarize today’s blog post, if you have hit the time of your life where the thought of moving by yourself fills you with that overwhelming feeling of stress, you should give us a call at 519- 212-3023. Nervous that we might be beyond your budget? We offer highly competitive prices in comparison to brand-name corporate movers, and best of all offer a free, no-obligation moving quote.

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