Tips for a Successful Moving Day

Tips for a Successful Moving Day

It’s officially moving day, and after months of planning and preparation, you’re ready for a successful and hassle-free transition into your new home. If you have hired a professional moving company to help you with your move, there are some steps you can take to ensure a seamless move for both you and your movers. Here’s what to do to ensure a successful moving day!

1) Pack and Organize in Advance

Did you hire your movers for full-service moving? If so, then you’re in the clear for packing up your home! However, if you opted to pack your belongings on your own, then be sure to complete all of your packing and organizing before moving day. Doing so should be your main priority as it will ensure an efficient moving process for both you and your movers. Don’t forget to empty your drawers, desks, and armouries, and pack any items within those pieces into a moving box. The movers will appreciate the emptied furniture as these pieces will be much easier to lift and carry without any items inside of them. Also, be sure to label your boxes with their proper destination so that the movers know exactly where to place your belongings in your new home. If any boxes contain fragile or valuable items, label the box as “fragile” so that the movers know to take extra precautions when loading and positioning these boxes in their moving truck. You want your home to be move-ready when the movers arrive so that they can begin loading right away. Pro tip – the more organized your boxes and belongings are, the more seamless the moving process will be.

We understand that packing up your entire home can be a lengthy process, so we recommend beginning your packing process at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance of your moving date. Set aside a couple of hours a day and start with the rooms and items that you rarely use such as the basement and attic. By dedicating a few weeks to pack and organize all of your possessions, you should have ample time to get it all done before moving day.

2) Clear the Path

Before the movers arrive, it’s important to make sure that there’s easy access and a clear path for the movers to get in and out of your home, as well as around the rooms within your home. Walk the route that the movers will be taking from all possible exits to their moving truck, including the front door, garage, and backyard, and remove any barriers that may get in the way of the movers. The movers may not always be able to see the path in front of them, especially when it comes to moving large furniture and appliances. They may even have more than one person carrying an item at a time, in which one of the movers may be walking backyards, so ensuring that their routes are safe and clear should be at the top of your list. If you live in an apartment, you may need to book an elevator and loading dock in advance. Make sure to communicate any of these details with the moving company and they will direct you in terms of what needs to be booked for your move.

3) Keep Kids and Pets Occupied

While the movers are packing and loading their moving truck, make sure to keep your kids and pets out of the way. Having children and pets running around your home full will not only slow down the movers but can also be very dangerous for everyone involved. The last thing we want is for a mover to trip over a toddler or a pet while carrying a heavy piece of furniture down a flight of stairs. If possible, ask a friend or relative to watch your children and pets for the day, otherwise, try to keep them entertained and away from the entire moving process. Consider setting aside a room where your kids and pets can relax safely and comfortably away from the movers until they have finished.

4) Be Available for Assistance

Let the movers do their thing! While movers often work best without any people or distractions in their way, it’s also important to always have someone on-site to answer any questions or assist with any issues that may arise. If you need to step out to grab lunch or to run an errand, make sure to give the movers your phone number so that they can reach you while you’re out of the house.

When the movers have finished loading their moving truck, ensure they have the correct address of your new home, as well as the right directions to get there. Once they arrive, give the movers a walkthrough of your new home, so they know which boxes and furniture pieces belong in each room. Once again, make sure to be available to answer any questions as unloading your belongings and organizing your new home will be much more efficient if the movers aren’t stuck guessing. Lastly, while the movers are working away with all of the heavy lifting, you may want to double-check everything on your moving checklist to ensure the move is completed to your expectations.

We hope this blog provided you with valuable tips on what to do to ensure a successful moving day for both you and your movers! Hiring a professional moving company can take a load off your shoulders, and here at Deluxe Moving, we offer packing, moving, and unpacking services that will guarantee a seamless and successful move into your new home. Head to our services page for more information about our services or contact our team to get started on your seamless and stress-free move. We look forward to working with you!

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