Don’t Move These Items Without Professional Help

Don’t Move These Items Without Professional Help

We are obviously strong advocates for hiring professional movers and avoiding DIY moves, but this is particularly true when it comes to moving certain items. Some things are just too difficult or risky to pack and transport to your new home without the expertise of a moving company. If you are even questioning if something is too large, heavy, awkward, or valuable to move then it’s time to call the professionals. Avoid the headache and panic of damage or injury during your move by hiring Deluxe Moving & Storage to pack and move the following items for you. Not only can our team save you the hassle of safely moving these items, but we can also move them more efficiently and a lot faster than your average DIY mover. Contact us to get your free, no-obligation moving quote so that you are one step closer to a stress-free move.


This is an odd one to start with, but we want to get this out in the open right from the beginning – do NOT try and move a piano without professional help. Pianos are delicate and pricey instruments that are notorious for being difficult to move from room to room let alone into a new home. This is because pianos must remain in an upright position with the lid securely shut while it is being transported to avoid damage. This requires quilted blankets, heavy-duty moving straps, and a furniture dolly at the very least. It is also crucial that you have several professional helpers to help carefully steer the piano out of your home, lift it up into the moving truck, and then bring it back down and through your new home to its new space.

Large Furniture

Have you ever found yourself saying: how on earth did we get this thing in here? We can assure you that your doors or halls did not shrink after moving in large furniture. We have helped a lot of homeowners with bigger pieces that don’t seem to fit through any doorway or hallway. Whether you assembled it once in the room or renovated your space, we can give you expert advice on how best to move your larger pieces out and into your new home. Avoid damage and injury by letting our team professionally move things like couches, chairs, beds, desks, exercise equipment, gaming equipment, fish tanks, tables, and anything else too heavy for one person to carry. There is a huge risk of injury moving these items if you do not know what to look for – we’ve seen everything including pulled muscles, trips and falls, broken bones, pinched fingers, and everything in between.


If we are being honest, most appliances are just not worth moving unless they are relatively new or specialized. Some people don’t realize how heavy their fridge or dishwasher actually are when attempting to move them. Before you think about moving them without professional help, we urge you to really think about how heavy your appliances are and realistically consider if you can pull it off. The average stove weighs approximately 128 pounds, dishwashers come in around 150-175 pounds, the average washing machine and dryer are somewhere between 150-200 pounds, and your average fridge can be upwards of 300 pounds. On top of being heavy, these appliances are extremely bulky and just plain awkward to handle. Heavy appliances require professional moving techniques and equipment because they are a lot more delicate then you might think and can be an expensive repair if damaged en route to their new homes.


Switching gears past the big and heavy items towards the even more delicate, you also shouldn’t try to move your valuable pieces. Your expensive items, like artwork or family heirlooms, present their own challenges and require careful planning. All of your valuable items have their own unique safety measures that our team uses to ensure that they get to your new home in one piece and without scratches or dents. We always pack these items with extreme care and extra padding (like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, quilted blankets, etc.) to make sure they make it safely to your new space. If you have invested in a piece of art or a new television, it is always going to be worth it to hire a professional moving company to protect your investment.

We hope you think of this list next time you’re questioning a DIY move! Want more moving tips and advice? Never hesitate to contact our team with any questions you might have about the moving process. Whether you’re moving your entire home or just a couple of important items, choosing Deluxe Moving & Storage for your next move is the best thing you can do to ensure a safe and healthy moving experience for you and your loved ones. Learn more about our moving services and packing services that will give you peace of mind when moving. To start your stress-free moving process, give us a call at 519-212-3023, send us a message at, or fill out our FREE, no-obligation quote form. We can help make your move easier and safer, leave the work to us!

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