Reasons Not to Ask Your Friends or Family to Help You Move

Reasons Not to Ask Your Friends or Family to Help You Move

Although it may be tempting to ask your friends to help with your move, hiring a professional moving company is always the better choice. We all know someone who regrets trying to move without professional help and the horror stories that go along with them asking their friends for moving help instead. It is actually quite common for people planning on moving to seek out whichever friend or family member owns a truck to help them move their belonging; but remember, owning a truck does not automatically make someone a good mover. The best choice you can make for a stress-free and easy moving experience is to hire a professional moving company with the right sized moving truck for your items. In today’s blog, we outline some of the many reasons why you should opt to hire us over your friends and family.


Let us be blunt: your friends and family do not want to help you move. Of course, they will not admit this to you and end up grudgingly saying yes. Good friends will say they are willing to help you in your time of need but make no mistake, they are not excited about the idea. So much so that some friends may agree to help you move but then when moving day rolls around they are suddenly very busy. You really can’t blame them for this “forgetfulness” because, since they are not a professional moving company, they are not necessarily obligated or motivated to help you get the job done. Don’t get us wrong, not all of your friends and family will pull this card, but this lack of accountability will only add unnecessary stress to your moving day. All of these worries disappear when hiring a professional moving company because we are contractually obligated to show up and get your job done in its entirety. The Deluxe Moving & Storage team will let you know the exact time we can start your move and will be with you on your moving day from start to finish.


The friends and family that do come to help you move may show up well past the time you wanted to get started or tapper off throughout the day. Your friends and family members can spontaneously pop in and out of the moving process and are often more relaxed about getting the job done in a timely manner. They may take more phone or drink breaks than necessary which will only slow down your process. Remember that they are doing you a favour so you will most likely have to work around your helpers’ schedules and don’t have much leverage to tell them otherwise. You’re also going to have to spend most of your time giving directions and asking people to do different tasks throughout the day which can get frustrating and exhausting. But again, you can’t blame your friends or family members for not knowing what needs to be done first, what boxes you want where, or how to carefully load your items because they are not professional movers. Instead, save yourself some time with our team of experts who do not need to be directed or managed because we know how to get your move done in a smooth and successful manner. This is especially true if you are planning to move in the Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener, Guelph, or surrounding areas since our team has the knowledge of the area and its neighbourhoods to make your move efficient.

Injuries and Damage

Although moving with friends can be more fun and relaxed, the lack of professionalism and care can lead to injuries and damage to your belongings. Injuries can occur when moving heavier items while drops and slips are common injuries that can be avoided with proper training. We’ve all heard, or can at least imagine, the horror stories about broken belongings, scratched walls or floors, and damaged furniture. Asking your friends or family members for moving help opens you up to these potential damages because there is a lack of knowledge about proper moving protection. Here at Deluxe Moving & Storage, we have moving insurance to protect your valuables but, even though we have been operating for a number of years, we have yet to make a single damage claim through our insurance company. That’s how careful we are with your move.

Arguments and Reciprocation

Avoiding awkward conflict is sometimes overlooked when our clients tell us why they would never ask their friends and family to help with a move. Bickering and passive-aggressive comments are bound to happen throughout the day as moving without professionals can be stressful. As the frustration builds and some of your helpers’ flaws are on display, you may snap and say something you will regret later. Not only will hiring our team avoid the awkwardness of arguing with your friends and family members during your move, but also save you from the aftermath, fallout, and awkward apologizing that come after your moving day. Remember that your friends and family will likely ask you to reciprocate their help when they eventually need to move down the line. This will only continue the cycle of more potential bickering, arguments, and frustration. Needless to say: you don’t want to help your friends move, so don’t ask them to help with your move.

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