How to Protect your Floors During a Move

How to Protect your Floors During a Move

Most people tend to focus on protecting furniture or other personal items when moving into a new home, but you should also be protecting your floors! A sloppy move can lead to floor scratches, chips, or dents in both the home you are moving out of and the new home you are moving into. If you harm the floors when moving out of your previous home, you risk decreasing sale price and paying for any repairs. On the other side of the moving process, you definitely don’t want to ruin the floors in your new home and start your post-moving period on a sour note. Protecting floors from damage can prevent last-minute costly and time-consuming repairs and the stress that goes along with them. Today we have 5 useful tips to consider that will help you avoid the floor repair process altogether!

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Cover Your Floors

This tip seems like a no-brainer, but most people forget that the best way to protect your floors is to cover them from harm. This is especially useful in high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways that receive constant foot-traffic throughout the moving day. Place old towels, blankets, or sheets to preserve your carpeted floors and cardboard on your hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring. For all types of flooring, make sure you secure your cover to avoid any trips or falls! Here at Deluxe Moving we go a step further to ensure your floors are covered by using carpet masking and ram boards that create a durable, non-slip surface.

Don’t Drag

Regardless of the protection you plan to use for your move, NEVER push or slide items across your floor. This is even true for moving boxes! Dragging your items, although tempting, will only lead to scratched and dented hardwood or broken and lifted tiles. Even the smaller or lighter items can damage the surface of your flooring if there is dust or dirt underneath. The best option is to carry lighter items to avoid this problem altogether – your flooring will be safe if no items touch it throughout the moving process. For heavier items, we recommend using furniture sliders or coasters and sticking protective felt pads to the bottom of your items that can be kept, preventing any future re-arranging damage as well. A dolly is also a good option but make sure it has rubber wheels (not metal ones) and straps to secure items.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your house clean during the moving out and moving in process will help you avoid multiple hazards and floor damage. Keep any dirt or mud outside to prevent injury, slips, and items dropping. This is especially important in our Canadian winter weather as the snow, slush, and water are extremely slippery once tracked inside. Place a doormat at all entryways so people can wipe off their shoes or have shoe booties readily available. Better yet, designate indoor and outdoor teams to avoid the winter weather from entering your home at all. The indoor team can bring items to the front entrance or hallway while the outside team takes these items to the moving truck – and vice-versa when moving your items into your new home. It is extremely important to clean immediately after moving furniture to remove any leftover debris which could cause floor scratches and stains.

Measure Beforehand

Having a set plan by measuring your furniture and doorways before moving will help prevent any mistakes and stress. We’ve all seen the Friends episode where Ross unsuccessfully tries to pivot his couch up a tight stairwell! Do all the measuring beforehand so you know how to get your furniture inside your new home and, once in, where everything will fit in your new space. Since the more times you move your furniture, the more likely you are to damage your floors, we recommend having a plan to reduce reorganization. Taking the guesswork out of the moving process will help you avoid jammed doorways, dropped items, scratched floors, and family fights.

Let Us Do the Moving for You!

Regardless of the floor protection you choose for your moving day, having trustworthy helpers is by far the most important element to keeping property damage away from your doorstep! Let our team handle the moving process for you to ensure your floors are protected the right way. For both the moving out and moving in process, we will use whatever materials are appropriate to ensure perfect protection for your flooring type. We also customize our floor protection process to your home needs because we have experience understanding how to keep a home damage-free throughout the moving out and in process.

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