New Year’s Resolutions for Moving

New Year’s Resolutions for Moving

Happy New Year from the Deluxe Moving & Storage family to yours! Thank you for your continued support during the challenging year 2020 has been. We want to kick this new year off right and on a more positive feeling! Since we know it’s that time of year again when people start making their New Year’s resolution list, we want to provide you with some tips so that you can enter 2021 on a hopeful note. If you are planning on moving this year, we’re here to remind you to include some moving resolutions to your list so that you can be excited about the upcoming big moving day. Here are the best moving resolutions our team thinks you should consider setting for yourself this year!

Resolution #1: Set Realistic Goals

We know this is a generic place to begin but it truly is important to give yourself something to aim for. While you are creating goals for your 2021 move (and year in general), remember to make sure you are realistic and do not set yourself up for failure. We don’t mean that you shouldn’t set goals you need to try for or work hard at, but instead focus on the goals that are actionable/measurable so that you can set deadlines for them. Some examples include a moving timeline, an ideal budget for your move, and when you want to move by. These are all goals that you can make realistic and achievable while still making sure you have something to work towards and aim for this year.

Resolution #2: Make Organizational Lists

Next, take these goals and start writing down everything involved in completing them. Making lists is a great way to get organized and unload some stressful thoughts. Stop the worrying, overthinking, and restless nights by writing as many lists as you can and sticking to them as closely as possible. Some starting points are lists about all the administrative items you need to take care of before your move, what items you want to pack, how you want to allocate your budget, a timeline of things you want to get done and prepared before your move, and how you want to unpack.

Resolution #3: Donate/Recycle More

Unfortunately, moving can create a lot of waste as people often throw out items simply because it’s the easiest option. Try to set a goal of sorting through your belongings more carefully to decide which items you can donate or recycle instead. Donating any of your unwanted items will allow you to declutter so you have less to pack, give back to your community, help local charities or organizations, and keep your belonging out of landfills. Take the time to decide which of your non-donatable items can be recycled by organizing a system or piles for dividing your items as soon as you identify them as garbage or recycling.

Resolution #4: Give Yourself Time

This one is huge for any move: be kind to your future self and plan ahead. If you’re procrastinating your moving preparations, consider this blog your sign to stop! Trust us when we say you will regret it if you leave things to the last minute instead of starting early. While it’s amazing to start setting your goals and making your lists, you need to push yourself to move past this stage and actually start getting the work done. Divide your tasks into smaller things you can do to make getting started less overwhelming and daunting – just start with one small area and move forward with one thing at a time.

Resolution #5: Take Care of Yourself

In a similar vein, make yourself a promise that you will still prioritize your mental and physical health leading up, during, and after your move. Try not to let things like your fitness routine, recharging time, and diet go out the window. It can be easy to push these things back as you focus on your move but making sure you are happy and healthy will only help make your move easier and less stressful for everyone. Do some meal prep by making healthy meals and freezing them ahead of time, go for daily walks, and make sure you block off some time each week to do things you love.

Resolution #6: Get Settled

Give yourself plenty of time to unpack and really get comfortable in your new home. Don’t let the stress of going right back to work or trying to do all your unpacking at once ruin the first few weeks you have in your new space. Give yourself some time to settle in, explore the neighbourhood, get to know the community, and meet your new neighbours. Ask around to see what is happening in your new location so that you can fully immerse yourself in it and enjoy the settling period.

Resolution #7: Hire Professional Help

The best resolution you can set for yourself this year is hiring Deluxe Moving & Storage to help with your move. Hiring our team will help you tick more than one of these resolutions off your list while also giving yourself time to focus on your other goals this year. We can provide you plenty of moving resources, pack up your home and move it to your new space, offer storage solutions, and even unpack everything into their proper places once you arrive. Deluxe Moving will always go the extra mile to ensure you have what you need from our team to help make your 2021 move successful and stress-free.

We hope this list helps you go into 2021 feeling excited and prepared for your year ahead. Like a new year, we like to think of moving as a huge opportunity for a fresh start that you should get to enjoy. Helping you with your 2021 move has us excited for this year – thank you again for all your loyalty and support!

Want more moving tips and advice? Never hesitate to contact our team with any questions you might have about the moving process. Whether you’re moving across the street or to a brand new city, choosing Deluxe Moving & Storage for your next move is the best thing you can do to ensure a safe and healthy moving experience for you and your loved ones. Learn more about our moving services and packing services and don’t forget to fill out our FREE, no-obligation quote form. We can help make your move easier and safer, leave the work to us!

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