The Benefits of Mobile Storage for Moving and Much More

The Benefits of Mobile Storage for Moving and Much More

Your kids are no longer toddlers, and you’ve made the decision to find a bigger home. You decide to list your home, and your real estate agent politely points out the sheer mass of belongings filling each room (i.e., toys absolutely overflowing everywhere). You agree that you need to find a place to hide all of the stuff for home viewings, but shoving all of the clutter in the basement just won’t cut it. You don’t want to sell or throw out everything either because you will need a lot of it for your new home. This scenario, and many others like it, make mobile storage an ideal solution. Simply haul all of your clutter to the storage container placed in your driveway, and then hauled away to be stored while you sell your current home and find a new one.

Many of our readers and clients know that we have been a proud partner of Franklin Self Storage Store All for several years. This partnership has allowed us to offer our clients many services and savings not available from a traditional moving company. This month, we’re going to map out one service that we have found has saved many of our clients both time and money: mobile storage! There are so many scenarios, like the one above, that we have found just eliminates otherwise huge moving headaches.


Moving: Mobile storage certainly makes life much easier in many moving scenarios. In a nutshell, mobile storage allows you to move your possessions incrementally, rather than all at once. Whether decluttering for a home sale, requiring storage between homes, or looking to pack your home up in stages, mobile storage is the most convenient method possible to start getting your belongings out of your home and into storage.

Renovations: Even small renovations can throw your living space into chaos. Some people can live with living room sofas crammed into their bedrooms, but most prefer keeping things as orderly as possible during the stress of a renovation. With mobile storage, you can pack your belongings away temporarily, so you can live as normally as possible until the completion of your reno.

Business: For many businesses, storage is of primary importance. Mobile storage provides above all else flexibility on space so that you do not need to worry about finding and leasing additional space, or living with extreme clutter when your inventory surplus situation is temporary.


Flexibility: Mobile storage allows you to pack at your own pace, and send your container to storage when you like.

Convenience: You don’t have to have a moving container dropped off in your driveway, front yard, or back yard, whatever suits your needs best. Franklin Store All even includes a special levelling on their trucks, minimizing the risk that your contents might get damaged en route.

Peace of Mind Security for Your Belongings: Keep the storage container onsite, or have it stored at the Franklin secure storage facilities.

Ease of Moving: Franklin mobile storage containers sit right on the ground – no need to lift a couch or table on to a truck! You can also optionally hire Deluxe if the amount of moving to storage is too cumbersome for you. Let us handle the back-breaking items!

Other Reasons to Consider Mobile Storage

Local Cambridge Businesses: Franklin Store All and Deluxe Moving are both non-franchised, locally owned and operated businesses. Our livelihood is based on customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals we have built over the years. We make sure your belongings are moved with care and store securely. We treat you as if you are our neighbour because you are one!

Secure Container Construction: Franklin Store All mobile units are made to resist harsh natural environments such as high winds, ice, and storms, and keep moisture and wild animals out.

Reliability: We know that your move has many moving parts, and you do not wish to be sitting around waiting when you could be moving on to your next task. We pride ourselves on being where we should be on time. Our aim is to first move you, and then move your friends you share the experience with!

Deluxe Moving and Franklin Mobile Storage

Deluxe and Franklin can work together so that you can get the best of both worlds. Were you planning on hiring a moving company but wanting to relieve yourself of the pressure of having everything moved at once? Contact Deluxe today for a free, no-obligation quote to find out how we can work around your moving needs to see that your move is as successful and stress-free as possible.

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