Need to Move this Time of Year? Let’s Look at the Advantages!

Need to Move this Time of Year? Let’s Look at the Advantages!

Let’s be honest – moving is never fun. At any time of year the need to move is always accompanied by stressful decisions, anxious planning, second-guessing, and the pressure of trying to get everything ready in sequential order so that the rest of our lives don’t have to stop completely. The typical pressures of work and family life only add to these concerns.

But there are always ways to reduce the stress of moving. Certain times of the year has a few noteworthy advantages, but also disadvantages. In this article we’re going to look at some of the reasons why moving this time of year is more favourable than other seasons.

Greater Flexibility in Scheduling

Moving after the first week in September immediately takes a lot of pressure off of families who need to relocate. Families with university or college-age children will have already seen these young adults off to their respective post-secondary destinations of choice – significant moving commitments in their own right. Unless you reserve well in advance, most companies will not have vehicles or personnel available to help you. Even if you get lucky enough to take advantage of a last-minute cancellation, the roads and highways will be busier than ever, with inexperienced drivers handling rental vans and trucks larger than what they’re used to. None of these factors make this a great time for families who need to move.

But fortunately, after this busy weekend it is the off-season for moving companies everywhere. Not only will traffic be significantly lighter but moving companies will suddenly be able to be much more accommodating in terms of your schedule and desired moving date.

Easier for Families with Small Children

As anyone with small children who has ever moved will attest, kids don’t make things any easier. With fleeting attention-spans, and tiny bodies that can’t be expected to lift much anyhow, it just streamlines things when their more experienced parents can get the job done in a more-focussed fashion without having to entertain and manage their kids.

Fortunately, once the fall hits, kids are back in school and are making new friends. This not only takes care of their need to be minded, but also keeps them engaged and occupied, eliminating the need to pay babysitters and allowing the grown-ups to spend the day getting things done in a distraction-free space.

Of course, if you’re still pressed for time, the best moving companies will always be ready to support you with packing and unpacking services.

Ideal Climate

In addition to the unpleasantness of the cold and wind – including the need to overdress in a cumbersome number of layers – icy roads and steps pose significant threats to people, vehicles, and your belongings. A whole host of other considerations for moving in the winter only add to the workload

Conversely, moving in the spring and summer can mean a hot, sweaty, and exhausting job. A good move is always a safe and injury-free move.

If there is a downside to the weather in the fall – as is the case with a springtime move – it can be rainy. The good news is that a little water never hurt anyone, but it can still damage furniture and electronics. When scheduling a move during the fall, inquire with your moving company as to what precautions they can take, and ensure that you have plenty of moving blankets and plastic sheeting to protect your property.

More Housing Availability

You may be one of many people who are in a particular time-crunch and need to not only find a moving company, but a new home / apartment first. Other times of the year can be prohibitive to accomplish even one of these goals according to a timeline of your preference, but in the fall housing markets tend to be in a state of flux. So not only will you find movers eager to accommodate you, but realtors and property managers will also be well aware of the impending seasonal downturn in their business.

Homeowners looking to sell before the winter are also feeling the pressure which can put buyers looking to move in an advantaged position in which they are able to negotiate on price and close dates. By getting the details of your new home settled more quickly and easily, you can rest a little easier and focus your attention on packing and moving.

Get Thrifty

Moving sometimes means that some of your existing furniture won’t work anymore. Maybe the style and colours don’t work with the look and feel of your new place, or maybe you just feel that what you have is dated and you’re ready to make a fresh start. Either way, this is the perfect opportunity to refresh your space and help you save money, too.

Others will be in the same situation as you. Keep a watchful eye on sites like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. These communities regularly move high-quality, rare, and beautiful pieces at bargain prices. You will find countless items like leather couches, armchairs, and exotic lamps that have been barely used (or at least have been well cared for). If mid-century modern is your thing, online groups can be troves full of items like teak tables and cabinets that are increasingly rare and expensive in furniture stores today. If Victorian or rustic is more your style, check out your area antique dealers. Post the items you have that no longer work, put items on consignment, or hold a garage sale to save even more money.

Often people move despite being not completely satisfied with the fixtures and finishings that come with their new place. These things are often overlooked as they are comparatively minimal concerns compared to the pressures of closing a sale, or packing and moving. Often, after those undertakings are complete, people simply don’t have the energy to worry about changing up fixtures and finishes. By why shouldn’t you have the home you want, especially when these items are also available at all-time low prices?

Hardware and build-all stores will be looking to unload what’s left of the years’ stock in items like kitchen cabinetry, cupboard and drawer handles, faucets and showerheads, paint, flooring, carpeting and more. While finding just the right pieces can be a bit of a search, many people find this exercise to be the one aspect of moving that can be a little bit fun (once their actual move is complete, of course). Take advantage of this opportunity to make your new home truly your own, and save a little cash at the same time.

Consider the insights in this article when making your plans to move to ensure that you’re giving yourself every advantage this time of year has to offer. Once you’re all done, you can take your time unpacking and making your new place just right. With the money that you have very likely saved, you can invite friends over for a housewarming or two, and can deck the halls for your family’s first winter holiday in your new home.

It’s true that there’s never an ideal time of year to move. If you can afford yourself the flexibility of choosing your move date, the fall bears numerous advantages that can help alleviate some of the physical and financial strain. Contact Deluxe today for a complimentary quote as you shop around. We will answer your questions and we will work with you to book the time you need this fall to get you moved with minimal struggle and stress.

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