How to Move Safely During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has disrupted life as usual for many people around the world in a variety of ways. This includes those of you who are planning to move during this pandemic and who may be worried about increased risk and spreading the virus during your move. Rest assured that Deluxe Moving is taking all the necessary

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How to Keep Your Home Organized After a Move

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of settling into a new home. You’ve had our team professionally pack and unpack all of your belongings so your space is feeling fresh and new. Everything is in the right place, for the most part, and you feel organized. We’re here to explain that it’s actually pretty simple

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Reasons Not to Ask Your Friends or Family to Help You Move

Although it may be tempting to ask your friends to help with your move, hiring a professional moving company is always the better choice. We all know someone who regrets trying to move without professional help and the horror stories that go along with them asking their friends for moving help instead. It is actually

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Tips for Moving in Bad Weather

It's finally your moving day! Unfortunately, despite all your positive thinking, you look outside to see not sunshine but a wet combination of snow, rain, and slush coming from the sky. Our Canadian weather is unpredictable, especially during the winter months, and sometimes Mother Nature just won’t cooperate with your moving schedule. Whatever weather Mother

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How to Protect your Floors During a Move

Most people tend to focus on protecting furniture or other personal items when moving into a new home, but you should also be protecting your floors! A sloppy move can lead to floor scratches, chips, or dents in both the home you are moving out of and the new home you are moving into. If

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Tips For Dealing With The Stress Of Moving

We often talk about moving as an exciting time in a family's life — a new neighbourhood, new neighbours and of course, a new home. But the truth is, it can be a somewhat stressful time for families as well. From having to make new friends and leaving old ones behind to the need to

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Need to Move this Time of Year? Let’s Look at the Advantages!

Let’s be honest - moving is never fun. At any time of year the need to move is always accompanied by stressful decisions, anxious planning, second-guessing, and the pressure of trying to get everything ready in sequential order so that the rest of our lives don’t have to stop completely. The typical pressures of work

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The Benefits of Mobile Storage for Moving and Much More

Your kids are no longer toddlers, and you’ve made the decision to find a bigger home. You decide to list your home, and your real estate agent politely points out the sheer mass of belongings filling each room (i.e., toys absolutely overflowing everywhere). You agree that you need to find a place to hide all

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Avoiding Injury During Your Move

Businesses like ours exist because moving a home or business is such a stressful and labour-intensive task, and the risk of injury is real. When you are young, full of energy, and heal quickly, moving generally involves packing up a couple dozen boxes, and maybe a bed or sofa worth saving. As we age and

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